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Why Custom Cabinetry?

You'll never buy boxed again

Shore-Built Craftsmen
  • Eliminate Time-Killing Errors: Boxed cabinetry generally has countless folks involved in the process - designer, order taker, factory in-take, mfctg, shipping, get the picture. During this process far too often, something slips through the cracks & the only one who pays the price is the Homeowner. You'll likely wait 5-6 additional weeks for the correction - delaying your entire project. This is the most common complaint we hear but that's not the case with Shore-Built. We are a full-service production shop, so this important process will be seamless. You work with only one company- our craftsmen go from measure, to manufacture, to delivery, to installation.
  • Local Economy: As Maine-based cabinet makers who employ local craftsmen & suppliers, you'll be doing your part in keeping our local New England economy strong. As a bonus - with less cabinetry being shipped across the country or imported from China, you'll help to reduce our world's carbon footprint.
  • Affordability: Since your cabinetry is supplied Direct to You, you'll be surprised by the affordability of our custom cabinetry that will last for generations. With typical boxed cabinetry, there are various vendors along the way that take their cut - commissions, shipping, sub-labor, etc.- and these costs add up quickly. While Shore-Built's cost will be comparable to most high-end boxed cabinetry, our costs are built into a quality that will be unsurpassed.
  • Customization: Unlike boxed cabinetry, you are not restricted by the pre-made sizes the national/foreign factory carries. Whether you have an "idea" file or a professional design, we'll take your one-dimension dream plans and bring them to life - to the 1/16 of an inch. You're also not confined to the dozen "trending" cabinetry colors. Shore-Built is one of a handful of New England cabinet makers with our own paint spray booth rather; typically, painting is subbed out. Yes, your hutch cabinet can be in the same green apple color you remember from Grandma's country kitchen - or any other color of the rainbow.
  • Superior Quality: Our cabinetry is of the highest quality & features: Solid plywood & birch boxes; solid maple doors & drawer fronts (for painted cabinetry); prime woods; oversized 5/8" (3/8" bottom) maple dovetail drawer boxes; and commercial lacquer painted cabinetry for durability.
  • Full-Service Remodelers: Remember that we are not only cabinetmakers but we have 30+ years in the building industry. Most cabinetry projects require some form of construction (ex. installation, electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc) & Shore-Built has the best remodel team in the area. Some members of our team have been working with us for more than 15 years which means we're all on the same page in meeting Shore-Built's high expectations. This service also continues the seamless progress of your project, so you'll be enjoying your new dream chef's kitchen in no time.
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